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What’s On Your Car Gadget Wish List?

28 August 2012 No Comment

Nowadays most modern cars come with all sorts of new and snazzy gadgets that not long ago were the preserve of only the rich. However, there are still some desirable bits and bobs that many of us still pop on our wish lists! Here is a list of the top five most wished for driving gadgets:
1. Built-in GPS – although some new cars have these as standard many of us are still driving much older cars
2. Heated Seats – for those of us in the UK, winter can be a time of freezing cold mornings scraping the ice off windows and waiting for the engine to warm up. How lovely would it be to have heated seats to avoid unnecessary shivers from a frosty seat!
3. Video Screens – this is more of a secondary benefit for the driver, but still a blessing! Video screens in the back of the car can be enormously useful at keeping the peace with the children and thus avoiding long bouts of “Are we there yet?”
4. Power Outlets – say you are in your car for a long journey and your phone is almost out of battery, or your laptop, or iPad? How about more power outlets so that all these items could be charged when you reach your destination?
5. Sun roof – a quirky one, sure, but when it’s hot sometimes air conditioning just isn’t enough.
What would you add to your driving gadget wish list?