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Volvo’s Autonomous Parking Concept – the car that parks itself

24 June 2013 No Comment

Volvo has released a YouTube video which is attracting an enormous amount of attention at present. The reason for the attention? The video shows a driverless car reversing perfectly between two parked cars in a car park. It goes on to show the same driverless car moving around a car park seeking a space, pausing to allow pedestrians to cross, and even being able to sense that a space is being vacated before reversing in.

This Autonomous Parking technology is obviously creating an enormous buzz – in echoes of James Bond, the car is controlled using a smartphone. The concept is that sensors within a car park and in the car can guide a car safely in and out without the driver – Volvo have christened it the Valet Volvo for this very reason, as once the driver is alerted on arrival at a car park that the service is available, they can simply get out of the car at the car park entrance, then use their smartphone to activate the Autonomous Parking. On returning to the car park later, the smartphone is again used to activate the vehicle, which meets the driver at the car park entrance!

Volvo is looking to take the lead with regard to this. This remarkable technology will not be available for some years, but by late 2014, some elements of the autonomous steering should be available in the Volvo XC90.

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