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Top Trumps and Children’s Fantasy

17 June 2010 No Comment

MotorExpo was redeemed by a nice woman from BMW who conceded that I seemed to know more about BMW than she did. And I don’t know a lot about BMW.

The sort of cars on display amongst the grim towers of the wharf were the stuff of Top Trumps and children’s fantasy, exactly right then for our banking classes, with their glim games view on reality.

The new Merc SL looked unreal though. Infiniti, apparently a UK marque, look like they’re making a living recycling Toyotas with polish.

And the girl from Mitsubishi who wasn’t suspicious of us testing the iMiEV might well be now after bumping into me as i strolled around the foyer of some lumpen tower with a notebook. Maybe i just like hanging around EVs right?