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Thinking of Scrapping My Car!

17 June 2010 One Comment

I knew that it would catch up with me eventually!  Buying a Turbo charged Fiat Coupe (Racing Green) sounded like a good idea at the time, but after 4 years as managed to get me into a spot of bother and 11 points on my licence.  I don’t do odd numbers, but its better than twelve but now I’m  driving  with the handbrake on one or two notches – an attempt to slow me down.

So with my licence laden with points after a SP 60, a quick march to the magistrates court  and a £500 pound fine, it came to me in a flash! Why don’t I scrap my car and join the bike brigade for a year or two.  A collegue of mine imports Dutch bikes from Holland, and they are not known for going over 20 mph. Or I could invest in one of those speed trap detectors, sat nav devices and dodge the police radars?

Still deciding, but if the weather picks up I might just DO IT!!!!  What do you think I should do??