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The Stig Writes

24 August 2010 No Comment

So The Stig has been unmasked. The big question of course is, Who cares?

Top Gear has made a name for itself since its reinvention x years ago as a key purveyor of tasteless stunts and mildly homophobic/outright jingoistic comment , a forum for Jeremy Clarkson – that fat grandma – to peddle his little-Englander fascism.

And despite a strong start, basically when the jokes were still fresh, Top Gear has gone the way of all series which over-stretch themselves i.e. it’s descended into repetition and pastiche.

Did you see the episode with those shameless self-publicists and insane pseudo-religionists Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz? Clarkson was so unbearably belching and fawning that I had to watch it whilst simultaneously flicking through ten other channels.

If only Richard Hammond had died in that dragster accident then the series would have been framed and ended with dignity, the perfect reckless end to a stupid and adolescent glitch in real world TV programming.

Just think, Top Gear is the BBC’s most popular TV export. When foreign people watch Top Gear, they think all English people behave and talk like that.

And now we have The Anonymous Stig, presumably helmeted and his identity kept secret so as to disguise the fact that the producers hire whichever racing driver is available at the time of filming, cheap.

And now he writes an autobiography eh? This is the most shameless publication since Tony Blair’s memoirs, out last week. But it’s another good bit of publicity on behalf of the BBCs best/worst show.