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The Royal Wedding Transport

3 May 2011 No Comment

I used to think of Prince Charles as an endearing addition to our great national debate. Here was a man who, like the hereditary peers in the Lords, could offer suggestions from left-field, could test issues with an incongruous opinion, no matter how eccentric or inbred.

And now we have the revelation that Charles had his Aston Martin Volante converted to run on refuse from the UK wine industry. That is a radical stand to take. And somewhere, no matter how wacky this gesture seems to be, it is a statement of principle and intention. That if you have the means you can run a car on practically anything.

But how to understand this most curious of men, operating outside of the framework of most of our understanding. We have to understand him in the context of his son riding off down The Mall in the Volante in the first place, of a family accustomed to public duty and scrutiny and having to take a stand on issues. By this i mean that these men operate in a different world, a world that most of us can only dream of.

And in this respect the wine powered car is much like the wedding, as something odd and vaguely aspirational which appeals to the public on some weird level; as something they have a feeling makes no sense but which exists, so it must make sense. Capice?