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The North West has the Most Car Friendly Town in UK

16 August 2012 No Comment

For many motorists in this country there are places we like to drive and places we try to avoid, and some motorists are feeling harassed by high fuel prices, parking charges and speed cameras.
However, according to a recent survey commissioned by an online motor insurance firm there are still plenty of car friendly places to go in the UK.
The survey asked participants to rate some of the largest urban areas in the country on things like fuel prices, parking costs, speed cameras and vehicle crime. In general, for better fuel prices drivers need to head further north and preferably over the border to get the best deals currently.
The North and Midlands dominated the top ten most car friendly towns including West Bromwich, Sutton Coldfield and Sunderland. Not unsurprisingly the South and the larger cities dominated the bottom ten with the likes of Slough, London and Reading being branded the least car friendly towns. Slough having been famously singled out by the poet John Betjeman in his work of the same name doesn’t seem to have improved much since he wrote it in 1937.
So if you are looking somewhere nice to drive head to St Helens, Merseyside the most car friendly town in the UK!