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The Escort is back! (In China)

3 May 2013 No Comment


At the Shanghai Motor Show recently, Ford announced that they are reviving the Escort! Fans of the classic brand should not get excited just yet though, as this is to be solely available in China initially, where it will be a cheaper, slightly larger model in the same class as the Focus. The badge carries a lot of weight in China, where European cars of the 1980s and 1990s are very highly regarded – the popularity of the car in the UK then is something that the Chinese public has latched onto.

Given that there is still a great deal of affection out there for the Escort, Ford are rumoured to be keen to gauge reaction to the unveiling, with a view to potentially rolling the car out worldwide. Their sales and marketing boss has been quoted as saying “Our intention is for China … but we think this idea … may be attractive to other customers”, so there is at least a possibility that Escorts could be seen up and down the UK again, as they were in days gone by.