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Testing the Mitsubishi Electric

3 June 2010 No Comment

Unpronouncable it may be but the new Mitsu imeiuv is a real car. And to prove this we took it for a drive yesterday.

Not that we could let on to the dealership where we were from – buycar, even though we’re a big player in the new car industry. For some reason they would, officially at least, rather we didn’t exist.

So we took the car under false pretences and the young woman guiding us was non the wiser. The Head of Marketing did i think enjoy constructing our false identities too thickly; but then that’s proobably why he’s the Head of Marketing.

In short: it was great, probably revolutionary, a silent dodge around town, to hell with the limitations at this stage. We even did a Bentley off the lights with full consent of the girl from Mitsubishi.

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