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Saving yourself a few quid in the long-term

6 September 2011 No Comment

In the spirit of bolt-ons, here’s a new feature from those people at Business Week. This regenerative braking system charges up your battery, improving engine efficiency. And the stop-start engine technology kills the engine in traffic, saving you bits and bobs of fuel.

All of those fuel drops count these days as trips to the pumps get ever more painful.

And that’s what the dudes at Peugeot Citroen realise as they unveil their radical new 3008 Hybrid4. It not so much raidcal for it’s dual-fuel technology, but rather for being the first hybrid to utilise diesel technologies. Everybody else has always been happy working with unleaded petrol/electric drivetrains.

The new Peugeot also uses an original system from Bosch which effectively bolts a small electric motor to the rear axle of the car. It is a smaller motor than you’ll find in its natural rivals – the Prius has a five times more powerful motor, for example. But this system has the added benefit of being transplantable across the entire Peugeot Citroen range.

So whilst the system is currently only available on the top of range 3008, expect to find the technology trickle down to smaller and cheaper models very soon.