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Resale value blues

15 December 2011 No Comment

Amongst the cars gaining an honourable mention in the Telegraph’s Car’s of the year are a number of real world examples set clear from amongst the pornography of supercars, the usual dreams of Ferraris and McLarens. The new Ford Focus is conspicuous by its inclusion, an affordable and fun to drive vehicle in a list which invariably tends towards the latter, exclusively.

More interesting perhaps are the cars which make it into the Glass’ Guides ‘car which hold their value best. In amongst the forecourt staples of Golf and Scirroco are a number of surprises, reflecting perhaps our current tastes as much as the ultimate quality of the vehciles on offer. The list suggests the resurgence of manufacturers like Suzuki and Alfa Romeo (with the MiTo), who sit pretty amongst the plutobarges, the Porsche Cayenne and the Audi Q5.

So what does it take to make it onto the resale value list? Well, we are talking about a car which retains around 70% or its price after 3 years of driving. Thast might be just about long enough to see you through to the other side of the recession..