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Remember the Ford Corsair? My Mum Does!

24 August 2010 No Comment

‘Take it Back, take it Back’

These were the words, not uttered, but heard from about a mile from our house on a grim and grey day up North on 2nd August, 1980. I remember the day well, so did my  Mother!!

You see, my Dad took pride in his car, nursed it, cared for it, fibre glassed it to cover up the rust. Just enough to get it through it’s MOT. (After years of fibre glassing, it almost physically in substance, not looks, resembled a Scimitar).  In a nut shell, the Ford Corsair was his pride and joy, albeit a horrible musty brown colour.

Not a Ford Corsair Again!

So after owning a Corsair for almost half a decade,  it was now time for a new car – time for a change!  Off my Dad marched to the car lott, after scouring through the local newspaper ads with his crisp new notes in his back pocket, and his last drive in his trusty Corsair.

My sister and I were also looking forward to sitting in the back of a new car,  and were gradually facing up to the fact we might not have as many luxuries in a newer car model. The Corsair was classed as quite a luxury car in the 1970’s. what with its leather, cushioned arm rest, sweet tray and masses of  leg space.  (Plenty of legroom in the front and plenty of ‘leg-over’ room in the back, my Dad told me years later). It would take some car to beat the Corsair…. in my Dad’s eyes.

After an afternoon of bartering with local car dealers, I heard the familiar sound of a horn in the driveway. I wasn’t quite tall enough to see out of the window, but from my Mums expression on her face, and the fumes coming from her ears, even at the  tender age of 14, I could tell this wasn’t going to be a favourable greeting.

Im sure his intentions were  good, but YES, wait for it –  he had gone out and bought another Ford Corsair! Traded up from a H reg to a J reg.  Mum raced out to the drive and met my Dad with a barrage of expletives. Another Corsair, a frickin Corsair.

She had visions of a new Ford Cortina or Fiesta, maybe with a sunroof or even air con. No chance Dad was stood their grinning all over his face and said, “Racing Green and I even kept the old Ford Corsair keyring!”

Next week, the time my Dad went out and bought an old Rover 3500 series…taught himself how to weld and famously forgot to earth the Chassis….