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Pimp Your Hippie Van

1 September 2010 No Comment

Won’t be long now before you can get ‘Pimp Your Hippie Van’ on your android phone.

But not to digress, I was driving past Chiswick roundabout last week and saw only what I can call, a truly hideous looking van. On closer inspection, I was expecting to see one of the ‘Top Gear’ lot to disembark (the hippie one anyway) or even Chris Eubank, but to my shock was being driven by quite an old looking women with red hair and tyre tubes for ear rings.

Maybe her first car was at the garage or maybe that was her pride and joy, but one things for sure, she couldn’t afford  the fuel bill on a basic pension – not unless she got a full row down the Mecca bingo.

What’s my point? Well it doesn’t matter who or how old you are –  just because your an old fart, doesn’t mean you have to drive a bloody Volvo! Rock on Elsie!

A pimped out Purple/Pink voyager that’s got more’ front’ than ‘Tony Bliars’ memoirs!