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New Cars 2011

1 September 2010 2 Comments

Odd to be thinking about what’s coming up in 2011 at this stage. Normally I can’t see beyond the end of the next fag but on this occasion there’s content to write and new customers to inform of the latest trends in the decidedly untrendy new car market. Or so you might think..

The new car market is as subject to trends as any other. Make no mistake about it, even the current fad for Electric Vehicles (EVs) may well come to pass as exactly that. As a fad that is.

And even though there is no doubting the integrity of the environmental movement, despite the best efforts of deniers, there is a part of me which wants to call the bodies in the marketing departments of car manufacturing houses worldwide ‘cynical bstrds’. That’s because even though we know we have to start cleaning up the new car market – cars are so obviously dirty things both in in use and in production – the advertising iconography becomes so twee and the promotion so crass that i begin to want to go out and burn something fossil, anything.

How ironic it is that my urge when I witness something being co-opted for commercial purposes is to back right off, even when the result of that co-option is universally agreed to be a Good Thing. When you popularise you crucify taste en route to general benefit.

gone to the huskies

I hope the news that the new coalition government with it’s much touted green credentials (remember Cameron being towed by dogsIf only they were eating his entrails)); this greener coalition, Labour Industrialists, recently announced that the number of subsidies available to buyers of EVs has been slashed from the first 46,000 cars bought down to the first 8,600 cars.

That is a shocking reduction and a massive kick in the nuts for a fledgling industry just about to try to get to its feet.

Yet I can’t see that manufacturers will start to back down now. Too much has been invested and too much of the groundwork has been done by European legislators forever compressing the amount of CO2 a new car can produce. A new green consciousness, present in the educated and the new-left leaning, is currently being popularised in the language of multi-coloured wheelie bins and the buying of sustainable fish.

Is the green movement recession-proof? Is climate change subject to an economic downturn.

Adam Philips writes on the new electric vehicles set to hit the market in the coming year: