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Motor Industry Embraces Carbon Fibre

10 March 2011 No Comment

All hail the latest innovation and buzz subject for the motoring innovator!

We wrote a little while ago about BMW embracing carbon-fibre technology.

As part of their efforts at the vanguard of Green motoring, it is perhaps unsurprising that a major manufacturer should utilise a ‘magical’ material already well-used by cycle and aeroplane manufacturers.

The idea of using natures lightest strong material make sense to a motoring world now at least partly focused on the value of less-as-more. Lighter cars will require less fuel to move them. And with everybody in the industry looking at ways of economising, cutting back and going green, carbon fibre looks like one of the answers.

In the light of this it will come as no surprise that VW will now look to invest 140 million Euros in German firm SGL. SGL promise improved production techniques which make the material more suitable for high volume production.

But there are dissenters in the ranks here who point to the serious costs, both financial and environmental, in preparing carbon fibre for manufacture.

What about repairing this brittle material, on top of the continuing environmental costs?

Keep quiet about it, but the most eco-friendly car may be the old one you always maintained. Electric vehicles, carbon chassis or no carbon chassis, are in the end just more new cars. And the industry are of course keen to give us new options in this field – greener, better, lighter, newer.