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Mobile Love Nest: Ideas for a Modern “Passion Wagon”

16 December 2010 No Comment

The mobile love nest or passion wagon isn’t a new concept.  If you really think about it, the idea is millennia old going back to the first animal drawn wagon.  But lets fast forward to the 1970’s when free love and being groovy was hip and out of sight.  The basic idea was to take a van or station wagon and turn it into a passion’ wagon and get the ladies inside for some van rockin’.  To do this, all you needed was either a bunch of blankets or a mattress.  But with some great imagination, some funds and some elbow grease you can make any van into a modern mobile love nest.

First, you need a van.  Any decent size van will do.  But make sure there is plenty of head room and space in the back.  Remove the back seats since you need the space they are taking up.  Next you should tear out the carpet and the headliner in order to create your love nest theme from scratch.  I would suggest adding some nice and plush shag carpet to increase comfort and make sure it matches the look you are going for.  Also instead of installing a theme matching headliner you can try installing some mirrors on the roof for some “out of sight” action.  You can also install an awesome sound system with great speakers situated for surround sound in order to enhance the music enjoying experience.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can also install a small home theater to watch movies as part of the date night experience as well.  Some other ideas from our 1970s brethren, would include a wet bar to make cocktails and some cabinets for storing snack and “past time” necessities.  Now let us move onto creating the pièce de résistance of your new and improved passion wagon, the bedroom.  If you have the skills you can create your bedroom space with some ingenuity.

You can either just slap a mattress in the back of the van, decorate it with some pillows and a really nice bedding set or you can be creative.  One creative idea would be to build a hide a bed couch to fit in the back with the other cool features.  By doing this, the “Love Van” is can be multi-purpose.  When not in use as a passion wagon, you can use the hide a bed as a couch and watch movies or play video games and when you are in “love mode” you can take out the bed and show her who’s her daddy.  So whether you want to create your own or fix up an existing passion’ wagon, setting the mood is always the key to some exciting times.