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Jaguar E-Type Voted Most Romantic Car to Drive

9 August 2012 No Comment

Some couples like to walk hand in hand on the beach and some prefer an intimate dinner for two, but there are many lovers out there for whom a drive in a romantic car is the ultimate date.
In fact in a recent online survey the most romantic car to take a drive in was the Jaguar E Type. The iconic Jaguar available in any colour you want so long as it’s red and was voted the most desirable of all cars by thousands in an online poll.
Men and women disagreed about the second and third choices with men picking out a limousine as their second choice and a Cadillac for third; while women plumped for a pink Cadillac second and the “Love Bug” VW Beetle as third choice.
Both sexes were unanimous in choosing the sturdy Ford Transit as their least romantic vehicle.
“So many people have romantic feelings tied to cars, whether it is the thought of what a car represents at a certain time in a person’s life, an activity they are passionate about, or perhaps the memory of a long drive with a special someone,” said an industry spokesman.