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Get the Word Out on the Road: Advertising with Your Van

16 December 2010 One Comment

In today’s competitive business climate, it’s essential to establish your business brand quickly and effectively. You need a simple, cost-effective method that gets your company name out to as many people as possible. Why not use equipment you already have to create an advert everyone in town will see, whenever and wherever they’re on the road?  You company’s vans can become mobile billboards, familiarising potential customers with your logo, slogan, and contact information even before they need your services. The next time they need a plumber, mechanic, electrician or dog groomer, your company will be the first that comes to mind.

Car magnets are the simplest, cheapest way to advertise on your van. You can design your own, or use a stock image. Choose eye-catching colours and a simple design featuring your company logo and contact information. Most companies will be able to deliver your magnets within a week or so. Before you apply them, wash and dry your vehicle thoroughly. Choose a highly visible location, and make sure the surface is flat.  You’ll need to remove all magnets before you wash your van; do so using the sides, as pulling on the corners will curl them, causing your magnet to fall off.

If you have a larger budget, consider a custom paint job. Look for a talented, reputable artist with airbrushing and vehicle painting experience; many will travel for an assignment. Ask for references and view samples of his or her work. Make sure the artist understands your company message and values your design input. Although it’s more expensive, a custom paint job will provide rich colours, details, and eye-catching creativity that will make your vans unforgettable.

A third, new advertising option is the vehicle “wrap.”  Your company’s design is printed on special material which is then applied to your van by highly trained installers. The skin can cover large surfaces of your van, including side and rear windows, and is so bright and detailed it looks like custom paint. Need to change something? The installer can create overlaps. If you need to remove the wrap, the installer can do so without paint damage. As long as you handwash and avoid scraping your van, the wrap will remain bright and intact for years.

When you use your company vans to advertise, they’ll deliver more customers to your door!