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Ford facelift the Fiesta – the UK’s number one

29 November 2012 No Comment

The new facelifted Fiesta has been released. How does Ford generate and sustain the popularity of the UK’s bestselling car? By remodelling the front with an Aston Martin style grille, that’s how – expect to see similar across the remainder of the range in the near future. The engine choices remain similar, although the 1.6 petrol has been discarded and replaced with a very efficient 1.0 litre alternative.


For parents begrudgingly loaning their newly-qualified offspring their new Fiesta, the new MyKey facility is definitely of comfort. This means that a key can be programmed so that safety features cannot be turned off, and even allows a maximum speed to be set. Also new is the option for an integrated sat nav system – the first time this has been available on the Fiesta – as well as SYNC, an impressive voice recognition system that actually works, by all accounts.


Essentially then, Ford has taken the most popular vehicle in its class, and made genuine improvements to both its performance and its looks.  It seems that the Fiesta is destined to remain the UK’s number one car. Click here for great new Fiesta deals.