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Dirty Car Means Fuller Wallet

3 September 2012 No Comment

It used to be a quiet suburban tradition in many parts of the UK that Sunday mornings are when the man of the house washes the car – and in some areas this is still true. However, a recent survey by a well known motoring organisation has revealed an interesting and little known fact that the better off you are, the more likely you are to leave your car dirty.
This once a week washing is a habit for only around 6% of those asked who were from a professional or managerial background, whereas almost half as many again of lower-income owners said they cleaned their car weekly.
More than 18,000 owners were surveyed and it was found that drivers in Scotland and the North East had the cleanest cars, whereas Londoners and those in the South East were cleaned the least often.
Predictably, older drivers were more likely to keep their cars cleaner. Nearly 45% of those over 55 wash their cars once a fortnight or weekly, compared with just one in five of younger drivers.
It makes sense to keep car windows clean as this will aid visibility; but you could also be on the wrong side of the law if you leave your lights and number plates dirty.
So rather than keeping up with the Jones’ by washing your car on a Sunday morning why not flash your cash and leave the muck on instead!