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Combatting high fuel costs

4 December 2012 No Comment

The cost of fuel is perhaps the most prohibitive factor in running a car at present – it has this week been reported that the average household is spending 9% more on petrol this year than last. Prices have soared this year, hitting record highs and prompting an ongoing investigation from the Office of Fair Trading. When you consider the scale of the increase – the price of petrol has risen 38% since June 2007, whilst diesel has gone up by 43% – the investigation is certainly welcome.

A large part of the controversy is over the perception that when the price of crude oil goes up, the price at the pump goes up to reflect this, but any consequent savings caused by a fall in the price of crude oil – as happened earlier this year – are not passed on to the customer.

There are further local factors that come into play. Neither supermarkets nor major petrol retailers charge a universal price for petrol nationally; rather they offer what they feel is a competitive price in the local catchment area. This could mean that those living in rural areas could find costs higher, as there is less competition to be concerned about. This correspondent can remember driving 20 miles to buy petrol, passing several stations en route, as the saving per litre was so large!

It is perhaps unsurprising then, given public concern over fuel costs, that manufacturers are putting such great emphasis on providing new cars that boast impressive MPG statistics. If the vehicle also has exceptionally low emissions and is thus exempt from road tax, then the savings quickly become very significant. Click here to browse hundreds of great deals from www.buyacar.co.uk that will save you money both immediately and in the long term!